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Cardiff Confucius Institute held Lecture on Introduction to Mandarin

Dr. Yu Tian, from Cardiff Confucius Institute, gave a lecture on an overview of modern Mandarin to around 30 people in Cardiff University on 9 October.

pic 1 Dr. Yu Tian introduces the Chinese linguistic map

Dr. Yu Tian started the lecture with the Chinese linguistic map. He introduced the general concept of Chinese, Mandarin and other six commonly used dialects in China. He analysed Mandain through the pronunciation part (Pinyin), grammar, the written system (Chinese caracters), particularly the creation methods of ancient Chinese characters, which attracted the audience deeply. In addition, Dr. Yu Tian sorted out the structure of Mandarin phrases and sentence patterns, making Mandarin sound remarkably logical and clear.

pic 2 Audience are acttracted by the lecture

During the lecture, Dr. Yu Tian invited Yonghui He, another Mandarin tutor in Cardiff Confucius Institute to pronounce a few common words in Cantonese to do the comparison, and then clarified the differences and relationship between Mandarin, the official spoken language, and the dialects.

pic 3 Yonghui He explains Cantoness pronunciation

In the end, Dr. Yu Tian introduced the two main Mandarin programmes (LFA & Adult Learning Programmes) in Cardiff University and encouraged all to discuss any topics related. One lady from the audience said that, Dr. Tian’s informative lecture and useful suggestions would undoubtedly pave her way to learning Mandarin, the language spoken by the largest population in the world.

pic 4 Friendly communicating among audience

Reporter: Huan Zhu