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CCI Offered Chinese Tea Ceremony for International Staff

Cardiff Confucius Institute was invited to offer Chinese Tea Ceremony by Cardiff University’s International Staff Network at the Café-I Want to Ride My Bike, on Thursday, 17 October. Nearly 40 International staff attended this activity and enjoyed the Chinese traditional tea.

Wearing Chinese traditional dresses, the tutors from CCI served everyone Chinese green tea as well as the black tea. Without milk and sugar, Chinese tea served in traditional special cups is very different from the British tea, while was enjoyed by everyone. Staff surrounded Chinese tutors and asked various questions about tea and Chinese culture. It seems that tea has turned to be a great bridge to connect staff from different countries and backgrounds.

Pic1 Qiqi Wang, CCI tutor, performs Chinese tea ceremony

Pic2 International staff was attracted by the tea performance

Pic3 Lin He, CCI tutor, serves tea to international staff

(By Huan Zhu)